A Serene Haven for the Fiber Lover's Soul
A Serene Haven for the Fiber Lover's Soul

where to stay

Lodging options near Patty's Paradise range from luxury inns to rustic camping.  There are hot springs, lakes, rivers and mountains.  There are lovely hotels in Ridgway, Ouray and Tellluride as well as vacation homes to rent.  We suggest making reservations as early as possible due to the popularity of our region.



Chipeta Solar Springs Resort: 970-916-4339, www.chipeta.com

Ridgway Lodge and Suites: 970-626-5444, www.ridgwaylodge.reservationcounter.com

KOA Campground: 970-325-4736

Ridgway State Park: www.cpw.state.co.us



Hot Springs Inn: 970-325-7277, www.hotspringsinn.com

Beaumont Hotel: 970-325-7000, www.beaumonthotel.com



Hotel Telluride: 866-468-3501, www.thehoteltelluride.com

Town Park Camping: www.telluride-co.gov


Vacation Rentals










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