A Serene Haven for the Fiber Lover's Soul
A Serene Haven for the Fiber Lover's Soul

Our Mission at Patty's Paradise

Through our workshops, retreats and other fund raising efforts, Patty's Paradise is striving to make a difference in the global textile community.  A portion of the proceeds from each workshop and artist retreat held at Patty's Paradise will be donated in Patty's name to charitable projects including scholarships and apprenticeships for weavers in need and other worthy causes helping fiber artists around the world. 

Our Current Project

This year have chosen Dibé bé Iiná, The Navajo Lifeway, to work in partnership.  This is a grassroots,non-profit organization founded in 1991.  Dibé bé Iiná means the way that the Navajo people live.  The organization promotes a sustainable livelihood for the Navajo community throught the Navajo Way of Life, traditionally sheep, wool, weaving and all that comes from that.


We are currently helping to fund an apprenticeship program through Dibé bé Iiná to provide a venue for Navajo youth to learn weaving, natural dyeing and other time honored traditions of the their Navajo way of life.

"Sheep in every essence are an important part of our culture and traditions.

It is important to celebrate our sheep traditions and our lifeways.

Our Sheep Is Life Celebration re-centers us in the cosmos of our universe;

it is our blessingway ceremony for our continuance here on earth,

and for the next generations to come."   


~ Roy Kady, former President of DBI

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